Stephen Marotto, Cello

Performer of contemporary chamber, improvisatory, and electronic music in the Greater Boston Area.

4:00 PM16:00

Solo Cello and Electronics at Chatham University

Chatham University Pittsburgh, PA.

Book Burner* for Cello and Electronics by Brian Riordan

South Scale* for Solo Amplified Cello by Ramteen Sazegari

Shades of Blue Throughout the Day* by Marti Epstein

ägäische eisberge** for Solo Cello by Klaus Lang

Trefoil Knots for Cello and Electronics by Jacob Sudol

*— world premiere

**— american premiere

Also featuring Anna Elder, and Mike Boyd.

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2:30 PM14:30

SEAMUS Conference

Berklee College of Music, 150 Massachusetts Avenue, Room B41

World Premiere of Undark by Brian Sears for Cello, Electronics, and Interactive Projections, 2:30 PM

Also performing Trefoil Knots by Jacob Sudol for Cello and Electronics, 9:30 PM

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